Monday, June 29, 2009

This has been a great and sad couple of days for me. I finnally saw Ashleigh this past weekend in New York we spent all day walking and chilling out in the greatest city in the world. However, One of the greatest musical artist of all time passed away. Its like the whole world was in morning over Mike. He was such an inspiration to so many including me. His music has always made you want to get up and dance like him. No matter who you are im pretty sure you tried to moon walk to bille jean or thriller. RIP Michael Jackson and Peace.....(-<) included is what mike would have probably looked like if he never gotten plastic surgury

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Broken phone but not my soul

This past weekend i went to Hampton to sign a lease for a apartment I'm getting with my friend Khalid. It was a long trip but it was well worth it to escape from dorm life and having a place of my own were i don't have to share a bathroom with 100 other dudes trying not to step on the floor of dirty ass showers were you find all kinds of surprising ish. But finally got my own room with my own bathroom and a kitchen and a living room plus a washer and drier. Furthermore, the set up of the apartment is perfect plus the location. We are on the second floor and nobody is above use so we don't have to worry about its secluded in that we shouldnt be too bothered by our neighbors. And we got a balcony that we can chef in piece at lol...but the only downside is that they have a lot of maintenance to do on our apartment so hopefully they fix all the problems before next month....anyway besides the trip right now I'm just chilling playing my guitar and living Friday i finally get to seem my heart (Ashleigh) in New York for like a day and a half...and after that its off to ocean city for a week with my best friends from high school.....and after that i move in to the apartment....and after that i don't know lol just work till school....o yea and Khalid bringing his car which means Hampton should be 10x more enjoyable...o and my brand new phone broke on its own it was defective....but at least i got my full drivers license a new wallet with a chain this time so i wont loose it again....and some new treds.....Till next time Peace.........(-<)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Watch out 4 tha Big Girl!!

Everyday after work it seems a huge woman sits right beside me on the bus. I'm not discriminating against fat people at all, in fact i use to be fat myself, I'm just saying after a long day at the office all i want to do is spread out read my book and relax. I even put my bag in a the seat right next to me as a hint to not sit next too me I'm a tall dude i need my space especially when there is barely any room to be comfortable....But i always seem to attract the big ones everyday without fail...i use to sit in the front however people don't like walking all he way to the back of the bus so they usually sit in a seat near the front....smh no matter how far i am from the front the big ones always find me...and its always a pattern a fat white lady one day and a fat black lady the next...what the hell so I'm usually scrunched up against the window with no room to breathe. I guess they always on the hunt for my ass lol....Peace (-<)

A Peace of Ship

Hey its been a while sorry but i get lazy sometimes...anyway last Friday i went to Norfolk VA to go on a cruse on a Air Craft Carrier. It was for all the the agencies who supported the ship during its long campaigns on the sea. I work for OPM (Office of Personnel Management) and my job was one of its supporters. The two hour drive was long but i was interested on what it would be like. That night we went to a hotel in Norfolk near the shipping yard were the ship was. The hotel we went into was nice as hell there was a couch with a desk and mini bar and a flat screen TV. I wonder how much that was a night....Anyway we i stayed up most the night on the computer while my parent slept talking 2 my uncle about going 2 New York to see ASH. But all of a sudden i heard a woman moaning in the next room....loud as hell lol he must have been beating that Ussy up...But after like 5min of moaning it was over as quickly as it after that i just was on facebook a lil more and went to bed at 2...But i had to wake up at 4 so i just had 2hrs of sleep i slept all the way there and even when we went on the ship i found the nearest seat and slept for about an hour. The ship was huge as was like a fortress on water...they had free food and games and stuff for lil kids but i spent most of my time exploring the entire ship even the off limits parts....some call it trespassing i call it fun...anyway for the most part i just stoop on top of the ship and enjoyed looking at the endless sea...there was a lil airshow to were a fighter jet F-22 landed on the ship a couple of times...but when the jet flew past the ship at super sonic speed my soda jumped out my can because of the shock wave. Hurt the hell out of my ears though even with earplugs....anyway after we got back to port we headed to my Aunts house in Newport News a spent the night and returned home the following day...pretty fun..Peace (-<)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Feeding the Rainbow

I'm still traumatized from this, to this very second and any straight god following person would lol. Look I'm by far not a homophob or anything like that but there is a big difference when there is nearly a football field of them....sigh. OK on Sunday for memorials day weekend i wanted to make a lil cash on the side. My aunt owns a catering business and has her own trailer with a kitchen and everything. So on Sunday we went to D.C. to cater to a black pride event, at club Love,...little did i know that black pride is also gay pride....anyway there we served food out side of the club the entire day. However me my friend Preston, and cousin Ja, were on the side of the trailer serving drinks. So basically that whole day we sold drinks too all kinds of gay people. From really feminine, thugs lol, to huge muscle head mutha fuckas. And of course you got your drag queens and tyranny's..those were the worst... i mean there not fooling anybody. On Sunday there was this 6ft34 or 5 white dude with boobs and a skirt and shit WTF. That whole day i by no means necessary wanted to appear gay so i was trying not to look at the costumers for too long. Thank god i didnt get hit on...but i was tired as shit from putting up tents to lifting gene raters and grills in and out of trucks plus being on my feet all day. So i was tired as hell but we worked form 9am to 12pm because we had to do another black pride event in this dudes backyard which was a little bigger than a football field. It was the biggest backyard i have ever seen plus it was all fenced in....leaving no room to escape....On Monday it started of slow got there at 10:00 but people didn't really start showing up until like 2:00. So at first i was like well this ant too bad...until mad people started coming and the drag queens started to perform....omfg. There were so many that i didn't even know if half the females there were actually female. Me and Ja were in charge of wrapping the hot dogs a hamburgers so we had to move back and forth from the trailer to in front of the trailer were all the gay people were to the other side of the trailer were the hot dog and hamburger side was. This seemed like the longest journey cuz we both felt like they were all checking us out and shit. They were. Unfortunately because of my light skin i stuck out cuz this huge gay dude with red and blond hair said as i was cutting through the line to get the hamburgers, "oooo thats how i like my men liggght skin" i just walked as fast as i could pissed the fuck off i was like no this gay as mutha fuck did not say that omg that was the nastiest shit. After that he came back in line when me and Ja had to pass him again he turned his head all the way around to look at me. I don't understand whats wrong with the pussy i guess they love shovin dicks up shit thats not all, A couple of times Me and Ja had to get change we went together cuz we didnt want to get raped lol. But everybody there new we were straight so thats why they fucked with us the most. So we had to cut across the backyard to the other side to see if any of the other vendors had any change. This was so nasty because niggas be tryin to holla like you a fucking female, one time these dudes on the fence asked Ja about his dad..who is apart of the black pride movement..and tried to holla at him we both just shook our heads and nearly sprinted back to the trailer. Every time we were called in my my aunt to wrap hot dogs i felt that it was a blessing sent from god to be inside from all the gayness...Its just the things you see a man doing to another man is just sick as hell like touching and kissing and flitering....shit will give you a headache that's why i looked at the grass most of the day cuz i didn't want to see anymore. Furthermore there was this other time when this dude just randomly peeped on the fence in front of us. But worst of all Ja was like look at that girl with the huge ass and it turned out to be a man....this shim asked for a cup of ice...and we werent suppose to do that but i gave it to it so it would go thee fuck away. I will never do another job for my aunt again if shes associated with black pride. Again I'm not a homophob its just that i can only take one gay person at a time not a whole damn army. Look what people stick up there asses is there business so let them do them just not the fuck around me. Sorry for cussing so damn much in this post but damn i mean if it was so bad that it gave me a headache its pretty damn disgusting....Peace =(

NationaL Harbors


This past Saturday i went to my god-sisters lil graduation party. I was like damn i kinda didn't want to go but it was one of those events were you had no choice sooo i went. What i realized is that she moved since i last remember were her house which is now in Clinton. Her house was very nice and there was a lot of old people there. Furthermore, i could tell by there eyes they were looking at my tatts like i was the devil or something. Anyway, you know when people are like Do You Remember Me you were just a foot of the ground since the last time i saw you? Well damn i think you just answered your own question there, of course i don't remember you but i played it off like i kinda knew her lol. Anyway i made my way to the basement were all the younger people are and so i thought that there were going to be some people i knew or at least in the same grade....smh not even. Instead i find middle schoolers and freshman and sophomores in high school basically little ass kids. Anyway they were all actin stupid ignorant and pretty damn immature. So i just sat at a table a few feet away from the couch were everyone was sitting on, and texted Ash the whole time. To make matters worst Lauren Ward came.....ewwuguguh. If you only knew how weird/random/crazy/dumb she is you would be saying the same damn thing. So she comes in and starts actin like the ringleader and what not trying to get them into playing truth or dare. So of course with a bunch of horny little kids, the dares are all going to be the same "i dare you to kiss sone sow or whatever"....So Lauren told everybody to rase there hands if they were taken. So i raised my hand even though i had no intention of playing. Anyway, these two girls on the couch turned around and asked me something so i said no...cuz i didn't understand them. And they were all owing an cheesing and i was like Wat did u ask and they said are you taken...and i was like o i didn't know what u said b4 yea i got a girlfriend. So they turned around saying something i didn't pay them no mind..n e way when the game started this light-skin girl, the thirsty on, tongue kissed this random my mind what a slut or soon to be slut....After that when my god sis asked me about Ash she was like tryin to get me to play and that what my girl don't know wont kill i said soon to be slut...So finally my parents said i had to go and i was like praise god....After this we went to another graduation party at the National Harbors...when we got there i just said whats up to everyone and went around exploring. It was a nice day outside, hot though, but nice. Since i never really explored the Harbors i went around taking pics. I found a really cool art gallery with some amazing stuff from artist around the world. Furthermore, there was an African shop right next to it and i love me some Africa. Anyway after the graduation party me and my parents went to this very nice Japanese restaurant. It had two levels on the bottom was the bar/sushi bar mmmmmmm...and on the second this huge eating area and on the third like this VIP section. Also there was this huge budah statue with a waterfall on the side and chariot in the window. Even the bathrooms were tight..they had t.v. screens over the urinals with a French fashion show taking place lmao and its smelled good as hell. O yea and the food was beast to i got this General tos chicken which was good, but my dad got this pineapple chicken that was actually served out of a pine apple it was good as well i need to get that next time..but anyway that's one of my new favorite restaurant...i was full and pleased. Peace......(-<)